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When YouTuber’s go to Far

Logan Paul Under Fire for vLog

Abigail Cervantes

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As we all know, a recent scandal involving YouTuber Logan Paul has blown up throughout social media when he released a vlog showing a dead body in Aokigahara, aka the “Suicide Forest” located in Japan.

The video, which has now been taken down, shows Paul and his friends surrounding the body and chuckling, Paul himself filming the body that was hanging from a tree. The victim’s face was blurred, but enough was seen to get at least a little insight on what they looked like.

Aokigahara is a known place throughout Japan that consists of a widespread forest and many miles of land. It has been the place of many suicides through the years and there are even signs put up before entering urging people to not take their own lives and to contact a suicide hotline. The forest, which consists of many different trails for people to walk on, is almost the perfect place to get lost in. The deeper you go the more lost you get, which is why even today many bodies of suicide victims have not been discovered by volunteers.

Paul was not the only person to explore the suicide forest for entertainment– many other YouTubers have done so as well, but he is the first person to actually film the body of someone who committed suicide. Which, with the age group of his followers (seven and up), is pretty disturbing.

Paul announced on social media that he did it to “raise awareness of suicide” to his followers, which, admittedly, he did give a comment after filming the body of what mental illness can do to you and why suicide isn’t the option.

But, many people disagree. Showing a dead body is no way to prevent suicide or spread awareness. It can actually trigger many people in many different ways. Whether it’s by seeing the body their urges may come back, or the fact that they just saw the body of someone who committed suicide maybe a few hours before Logan Paul filmed it.

Logan Paul is ignorant of many things– human decency and suicide is obviously two of them. His apology that was released was full of a bunch of “I’s” and no real apology to the victim and their family whom he exploited. It is filled of excuses on why he thought he was doing an ‘okay’ thing. Which, by the accounts of many angry social media users and famous persons, isn’t acceptable.

Paul needs to accept that he did something despicable and wrong. He needs to release an apology not full of excuses and instead one that is filled with understanding and maturity. Until then, we can say that Logan Paul is one who cannot accept that he is in the wrong and isn’t mature enough to do so.

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  1. Keila Rodriguez on January 12th, 2018 2:57 pm

    this was a really good story,abigail

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When YouTuber’s go to Far