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Seth Bornemann

Seth Bornemann

Sara Brimage, Staff Writer

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One of the many clubs here at Brazoswood is TAFE, which stands for Texas Association of Future Educators. TAFE is a co-curricular statewide student organization created to explore the teaching profession.

“TAFE is an organization that allows for students to explore the teaching and training profession outside of class. This organization allows for students that are not usually a part of school groups to feel welcome and participate in something with their friends,” Supervisor of TAFE, Amanda James said.

Last year there was quite a shortage of members, but this year there is up to 30 members that have joined. “I am overjoyed at the jurassic increase in members. Last year we only had 4 members in TAFE so fundraising for competitions was hard on us. Also our chances of making it to nationals was slim with the limited amount of people. Now we have over 30 members and I couldn’t be more pleased,” TAFE President, Jessie Brimage said.

With the few members that they did have, they grew a strong bond with each other and are very excited to grow more bonds with more members.

“ Most of the members become best friends with other members that they may not have even talked to outside of TAFE,”  James said.

TAFE  holds meetings a couple times a month.

“ we discuss competitions, help each other with ideas for projects, fundraising matters, and volunteer events,” Brimage said.

The upcoming event that TAFE will be participating in is Regional competition which takes place on November 27th at Alief Taylor.

“ Some of the projects I will be doing at Regionals is public speaking, an elementary bulletin board, and a breakout session (which is basically a craft competition),” Brimage said.

To join TAFE go to Ms. James room on B wing to get an application and pay the dues. Once paid you can attend meetings, help fundraise, do volunteer services, and other group activities.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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